How to optimize an ASP.NET MVC website with these 20 points. PART-1

After reading this, one would have engough knowledge to developed an ASP.NET MVC site which will definately serve the purpose of its creation.

A survey mentioned that in 2020 if you search on google and from the search results, you click any of the suggestions sites. A normal user does not wait more than 4 sec to load and switch to the next search results. Until unless you are going to log in on a Social site. Naturally, no one wants to wait to load a site especially when the user on a mobile device.

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In this article, I will try to explain all the main factors (actually not every) which must be taken care of by the web developer who writes codes for the ASP.NET MVC website and for the architect who designs the whole system for end-users. Actually, there are dozen ways to optimize an ASP.NET MVC site but I will only try to focus on the most common and important ones.

Let's first list it down and then I will provide the detail for each.

All the above points are not final points and make you guarantee, there are a lot of others. But as I have in the .NET world for a decade so in personal experience recommend that if one should care for above 20 points the site would be in much better response time than usual.

In part 2, I will explain all the above 20 points in detail.

Stay Haelthy and Enjoy Coding!



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